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I enjoy coffee and tea. I love culture and history as well as writing. I believe in nature and creativity. I prefer letters over phone calls. Video games and netflix are the best. I'm gay and proud. I'm very much in love with a girl. I think everyone is interesting in their own way. I try to find something to like in all creatures.

“You don’t realize how alone you are until you’re staying up every night thinking about things you should never think of and you cant tell anybody because you have nobody to tell.”

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☆ Are You Satisfied? ☆


☆ Are You Satisfied? 

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“I want you to take me to places I’ve never been before.
I want you to look at me and smile while I do things you think they’re silly.
I want you to look at me and think “I love this girl so much it hurts”.
I want you to put your hands around my face and kiss me so hard I’ll forget who’s air I’m breathing.
I want you to hold me tight and tell me everything will be ok and you’ll never leave me alone when things are tough because that’s when I’ll need you most.
I want you to tell me that you love me and really mean it.”

“You are the only person I want to talk to everyday. I want to wake up and turn to see your sleeping face. I want to stay in bed and cuddle for as long as possible. Take showers together, get dressed together, brush our teeth. I want to drive each other’s cars just because. Let’s go out for brunch or breakfast before work. I want date nights and random trips to random places. I want movies on the couch and baking and cooking together. I want 2am can’t sleep confessions and 5pm I’m exhausted from this life fights. I want your attitude and I want intellectual conversations at 8pm over a good book. I want 10pm sex till we fall asleep and then 3am sex when the insomnia is at it’s peak. I don’t want perfection. I don’t want a fairytale. All I want is you. Because even if all things are going bad, and the whole world is crumbling around us. None of that matters if I have my best friend by my side.”

—   M. Soles (via maybeimamess)

I’m feeling pretty weak at the moment..


I’m feeling pretty weak at the moment..


You don’t need me like i need you…


You don’t need me like i need you…

“You have killed me in the worst way because I am still alive.”

—   dead inside, e.m (via regr0wn)

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god bless america

I hope this the last remaining photos of our presidents

Is no one going to talk about Ronald McDonald fighting in Clinton’s background.

I’m not even american and I will reblog these anyday.

is Teddy Roosevelt shooting Bigfoot?

That one is historically accurate, actually.

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